Updates to Illinois Commercial Title Insurance – Webinar


Understand the purpose, method, and approach you should use when reviewing Title Commitments in Illinois.

Handling a transaction involving commercial real estate can be a challenging prospect especially when you do not thoroughly understand how title and survey matters can affect the same. Does dealing with title and survey related issues cause you to panic with fear? Ensuring a thorough understanding of the same is critical to make transactions run smoothly. This topic will provide you with the information you need to know to identify potential title and survey issues and how to best resolve the same. This will aid you in confidently and efficiently handling a commercial real estate transaction ensuring a smoother commercial real estate transaction for all involved.

Table of Contents

Negotiating Terms in a Purchase and Sale Agreement
  • Title Commitment Provisions
  • Survey Provisions
  • Closing Checklist and Timeline
Title Commitment and Survey Review
  • Title Commitment Review Basics - Schedule A, Schedule B, and Endorsements
  • Survey Review Basics - Types of Surveys, Examinations of Surveys, and Endorsements for Survey Issues
  • Handling Objections to Title and Survey Matters
Closing Documentation for Purchase/Sale Transactions
  • Escrow Instructions
  • Seller's Deposits
  • Purchaser's Deposits
  • Joint Deposits
Loan Transactions
  • Title and Survey Provisions in Loan Agreements
  • Title and Survey Review for Lenders
  • Lender's Endorsements
  • Closing Documentation for Loan Transactions